Winter 2017 Programs

April 2017 Workplace Education Programs

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Change Management with the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce ~ Four Spaces Left!! (as of March 15)

Managing change can initially be divided into two categories: The change in process and technology, and the human side. Both of these are addressed in this program outline. The process tools and methods covered in this program are derived from Lean principles, project management, and Six Sigma process improvement. All of which are used extensively from manufacturing through to health care to manage the actual logistics of any change.

During this program you will look at:
1. Theory of Change Models
2. Principles of Change
3. Evaluating Existing Processes
4. Effective Meeting Strategies
5. Environmental Culture
6. Introduction to Project Management
7. Roles in Change Management
8. The 3 Stages Outcome Mapping

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Program Details: 
Time and Dates: Thursdays 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Starting April 6th
Length: 12 weeks
Location: Coldbrook and District Lions Club