Reviews from previous programs

Rick McMullen is the lead facilitator for The Solution Business Consultants. Here are some of the testimonials from people who have participated in programs he’s delivered.

I have learned a lot of valuable information and believe I have a better perspective on how best to manage the various online media platforms for my business. You are an informed guy and it makes a real difference in the room. Believe me, I’ve had a lot of poor training from a lot of boring uninformed trainers/teachers/coaches over my previous career. I certainly feel more confident now about dealing with the online marketing stuff than before I set out on this journey. So thank you for that. Keep up the good work”

Steve Parsons,
Trellis Cafe
Hubbards, NS

“I recently attended a course offered by Rick McMullen through the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce. I have already seen so many benefits from what he has taught me. Most importantly he has taught me what it means to be responsible for my business as represented by my website on the internet. I was so naive. I began just wanting to know how to size a picture and have learned so much more. I would have lost my domain if it wasn’t for his insight and direction. The implications would have been massive.”

“As an instructor, he is confident and knowledgeable. He is entertaining, as well, which makes learning a pleasant experience. It is clear that he enjoys teaching and is on a mission to make technology a tool that anyone can use with the right approach and the right information. He has forever changed how I approach technology.”

Carrie Yeo,
Light Touch Laser

“I participated in a 10 week communications workplace education course that Rick instructed. I had started a new position two weeks prior to beginning this course. I can honestly say that by participating in this course with Rick’s instruction I have transitioned into my new role with more confidence and competence than I would have otherwise. I am also confident that with the skills learned I will be able to continue successfully in my position. Rick’s thorough understanding of the material and his approach to the course exceeded my expectations. I had assumed this was a generalized course and did not expect that we would go into such depth into some of the topics covered.
Rick always ensured that we (as participants) were getting what we wanted to get out of the course. If we ever had questions he always made it possible to ask them and he would clarify. He always made the group feel like we could discuss whatever we wished to discussed and it was a safe group. All of the course material including print hand-outs, homework and videos were all extremely relevant and helpful in not only understanding the topics but garnering new skills and building upon existing ones. Every topic we discussed I have or will be applying to my every day work. Rick instructed the course so well that I have the confidence that I am competent enough to apply what I have learned.
Before beginning the program, I had thought it would be a course where we would sit down and take notes. Rick’s teaching style ensures everyone is engaged and contributes. Rick also made sure that we applied what we were learning in exercises and practicum so that we were confident with taking what we learned back to our respective workplaces. I will certainly be taking another workplace education course from Rick!”

Wade Tibbo,
Business Development Manager

“Rick’s engaging style and presentation techniques coupled with relevant information, group discussion, and real life exercises provide a hands-on approach to the acquisition of new communication skills. I have observed a distinct cultural change within the organization that provides both immediate and long-term benefit to the organization, especially in these times of change and turmoil. Rick’s ability to adapt his information and style to the group he’s currently instructing as well as his experience and knowledge create a safe and engaging classroom. It is within this circle of safety that participants are encouraged to explore hard questions and examine how we communicate from a multitude of perspectives. The tools of active listening, having difficult conversations and understanding generational and personality differences are explored, discussed and practiced in this safe and supportive learning environment.

I can’t speak highly enough about Rick’s skills and abilities as an adult educator other than to say that his level of expertise and professionalism encourages interactive participation and engagement from all of his students. I look forward to working with Rick in the future and strongly believe that staff, Council and the residents of West Hants have all benefited from Rick’s instruction.”

Karen Dempsey,
Director of Planning
Municipality of the District of West Hants

“ You have now been the instructor for programs we have offered covering topics such as Business Management, HR Essentials, and Marketing Skills. You have proven to us, and the participants, your vast knowledge in this variety of topics, and have even been able to offer multiple levels within the programs based on the needs of participants. You have been an engaged and valued project team member, Rick. You always have great ideas of how to make the process and the content of learning most effective for the learners. Participants have been returning and spreading the word to others in the business community such that we have no difficulty filling programs with eager, engaged learners. Your vast and broad knowledge combined with your engaging style provide a very effective learning experience.”

Paul DesBarres,
2nd Vice President and Professional Development Chair
Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce
Kentville, NS

“Before I started the program I thought, “what an excellent opportunity to learn how to start a business from the ground up”.  I enjoyed every session and could not wait till the next. I am learning to be a manager. I have learned so much these past weeks that have helped me grow for my company and, most of all, as a person. This group gave me the confidence in myself that I can become what ever I choose. I’m sad that it is over. Rick did a fabulous job instructing us. He explained it to us so that we could all understand. The interaction between all of us made us a strong group and into friends. We all related to each other’s situations and helped resolve problems. By far the BEST experience I have had…. till the next session! I took this program to improve myself, and the company I work for. I am seeing success already, thank you very much. Please don’t change a thing besides adding more courses.”

Dawne Feener,
B & H Wholesalers
Kingston NS

“Rick McMullen has a very engaging teaching style where he fearlessly allows open discussion of the topic while doing an expert job of keeping the lesson on track. Many of us are busy achievers that do not settle well into pedantic training. Rick has this covered with an active and entertaining style that effectively brings the lessons home to those of us not used to classrooms. These classes have hugely surpassed my expectations and I thoroughly recommend them. I am very grateful that they are available and feel they offer the possibility of improvement in Nova Scotia business.”

Steve Best,
Operations Manager

Nova Millwrights Contracting Ltd
Middleton NS

The knowledge and passion you bring – as well as your ability to let the group drive discussion when practical – are uncommon assets, especially in tandem. In short, you are very good at what you do and it is bringing out the best in the people in these courses. As a result of this kind of information sharing I’ve been able to be fully engaged and show much more of my personality than I ever would. I’m noticing that this kind of thinking has been contagious for me – I am already showing more leadership traits than ever in my workplace and stepping up and addressing some big picture concerns in areas in which there were leadership voids. You clearly have a worldly perspective, a wealth of knowledge in your field that is relevant to the group and a passion to solve problems and inspire.”

Matt Clairmont,
Supportive Co-worker
New Minas NS

“I believe the workplace training we are undertaking with our adult educator, Rick, has provided a platform in which we can explore a multitude of categories that our team has begun to critically analyze in ways they have never before. The experience has inspired conversations not typical to the retail landscape and enriched the relationships between both staff and management alike. I expect the applicable knowledge that will be brought onto our sales floor, which has been absorbed through the training classes, will benefit our staff and our results in both the short and long term future. It has helped form a common language that has already increased the flow of communication throughout the company and improved the dialogue at all levels.”

Mike Wilson,
General Manager
Wilson’s Shopping Centre
Barrington Passage NS

“His attention to detail, where no one gets left behind, allows people such as myself to feel optimistic about future learning in a field which I previously considered to be out of reach through lack of interest. His “people” skills are way above and beyond that of most teachers in any field, and his capacity to make the subject come alive makes all the difference to our capacity to learn. He creates an inclusive, respectful environment in the classroom, enabling us to relax and interact, thereby getting the most out of every class. His commitment to helping us with the work outside the classroom is also way above and beyond the call of duty.”

Lisa Lelliott,
Yoga Vidya
Bridgewater, NS

“I really didn’t think I would get allot out of the program and thought that if it got too boring I would quit going. I felt FANTASTIC!!!! I was so glad I signed up and finished the program. I looked forward to Wednesday mornings. Rick made the course very interesting, he knows his business and doesn’t mind sharing his knowledge. The program gave me the courage I needed to step up and take control of a situation at work. It gave confidence in myself that I can do the job at hand and know what I am doing.”

Susan Wagner,
Royal Propane